August update

by - August 01, 2015

The last month of winter, and magnolia trees are coming into bud. Am I the only one who likes winter? I find the cool weather refreshing after many months of Sydney humidity.

Last month started off with the release of His Millionaire Maid, which was very exciting. I had a whirlwind blog tour and gave away some giftcards. The reviews have been very heartening! I like to think I've grown a thick skin about bad reviews, but the truth is they still hurt, so it's great to read the good ones. Most of the rest of the month was spent working on my new writing project, which is a departure from my romance writing. I still have a lot to do before it's presentable, but I'm having a lot of fun with it.

July in our house has become synonymous with the Tour de France and many a late night watching men in lycra riding past ancient castles and magnificent scenery. Not to mention Gabriel Gate and all that delicious French food! I love it when he visits those small local farmers and tastes gorgeous cheeses. So yum.

Both of my Serendipity romance novellas are now available at major ebook retailers.

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