June update

by - June 06, 2015

Winter has officially arrived here in Sydney. We've had some really cold nights already. Winter means the Tour de France is just around the corner, which means lots of late nights.

My son will be going on a school skiing trip soon. This is the first time anyone in our family will be skiing, and I didn't realise it would involve so much equipment. Sydney winters don't get cold enough for snow so we don't have much use for thermal underwear. I'm predicting this ski trip will be very exhausting for my son. Wake up call is at 6 am and the first ski lessons start at 8:15 am. This is going to be hell on a teenager who usually only rolls out of bed at 8 and needs half an hour to wake up!

My daughter has sucked me into watching Dexter. She's a bad influence on me. First it was illegal drugs (Breaking Bad), and now it's serial killers. Dexter is such a weird, twisted character but I have to admit he's growing on me. We've only finished season three, so there's lots more binge watching in store for us.

This past month I've spent finishing the edits on two books, reading copy edits, writing blurbs and cover descriptions. I have the covers for both my books now and they are both wonderful in different ways. Can't wait to show them off soon. His Millionaire Maid will be releasing in July (Entangled Publishing), while Courting the Cop hits the virtual shelves in October (Samhain Publishing).

BIBIGLOO - An installation by BIBI - Vivid Sydney Festival 2012

Photo credit: By Fabrice Cahoreau (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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