AWW 2015 Review: Her Best Worst Mistake by Sarah Mayberry

by - February 04, 2015

I'm taking part in this year's Australian Women Writers Challenge, and I think I chose the Stella level, which is to read 4 and review 3. So this is my first review for the year!

She thinks he's stuffy. He thinks she's spoilt. Then the gloves come off and so do their clothes!

When I first started reading this book, I was a little worried. Martin St Clair, the stuffy hero, is engaged to Violet Sutcliffe’s best friend. Elizabeth and Martin have been dating for something like six years, and their wedding is about to take place in the near future. How would Violet and Martin end up together without it being messy and icky? I needn’t have worried because the story unfolded beautifully and seemingly naturally even though Martin and Violet have some very hot sex not long after he and his fiancée part ways.

I really enjoyed this contemporary romance set in London. Violet is a fun heroine, and Martin gradually grows on the reader (though he does sound awfully prim and proper at the beginning). There's plenty of steamy sex, but the real relationship unfolds at a realistic pace, and at the end I did believe in Violet and Martin's HEA. 

This was a charming enemies to lovers romance about two opposite people who aren’t so different under the skin after all.

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