My Writing Process blog hop - tagged!

by - March 10, 2014

I was tagged by my writing friend Jennifer Brassel for this blog hop. Jen is a history buff whose reincarnation story The Curse will be released later this year. Thanks Jen!

As you can guess, this blog hop is all about an author's writing process. Here are the questions and my answers:

Question 1: What am I working on?
Answer: I have just finished the first draft of a category-length contemporary romance, and I'm letting the manuscript marinade a bit before embarking on the second draft.

Question 2: How does my work differ from others of its genre?
Answer: Hmm, that's a question I don't dwell on much. My work is constantly evolving, but I like to think I write emotional, character-driven romances.

Question 3: Why do I write what I do?
Answer: Because that's what I like to read, and those are the story ideas that pop into my head. Seems I don't have much control over that.

Question 4: How does your writing process work?
Answer: I don't follow any hard and fast rules. I tend to plan out my book with short chapter summaries outlining the major plot points. Then I write a fast first draft which inevitably throws up lots of plot holes and deviations which need to be resolved in the second draft. The third draft is more to do with polishing and copy-editing.

My latest release:

Bittersweet Rescue

She rescued him, and saved herself.

When Ellie Sherwood rescues her boss from drowning, she never anticipates the consequences. For three years she’s existed in an emotional limbo after a catastrophic family tragedy, but now she’s awake and ready to seize life with both hands. And that includes the sexy boss she’s been secretly infatuated with for some time.

Drake Crawford is about to achieve his lifelong goal when a car accident plays havoc with his life. Not only is his plan for revenge delayed, but his once demure personal assistant is now shockingly, irresistibly forward. Drake is against office affairs, and Ellie is vital to his success, but he can’t get her out of his mind, and besides, he does owe her...

His solution—a two-week break with Ellie at his wilderness hideout. They’ll indulge in a scorching, private affair, and when it’s over they’ll return to their normal lives. But as Drake discovers more about Ellie, he realises her quiet exterior hides a backbone of steel. When she asks him to walk away from his ultimate goal, he knows it’s time to let her go.

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