Short Shorts: Barbed Wire

by - February 20, 2014

I haven't been blogging much, so in an attempt to make this blog of more interest to readers, I'm hoping to post a few of my shorter works.

How many words do you need to tell a story? According to Ernest Hemingway you only need six words. This is his six word story: For Sale. Baby shoes, never worn. I don't have a six word story, but I have attempted to write a complete story in under fifty words (not including the title):


I ring him at home again, but again his wife answers, so I put down the phone. He calls, furious. You know the rules. Don’t ever call me at home. Don’t ever call me, period. So I put the pregnancy stick in an envelope and mail it to his wife.

Copyright © 2014 Coleen Kwan

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