Bittersweet Rescue

by - February 28, 2014

Bittersweet Rescue, my new contemporary romance, is now available! This is an angsty romance between two people who believe love is not for them.

Bittersweet Rescue

She rescued him, and saved herself.

When Ellie Sherwood rescues her boss from drowning, she never anticipates the consequences. For three years she’s existed in an emotional limbo after a catastrophic family tragedy, but now she’s awake and ready to seize life with both hands. And that includes the sexy boss she’s been secretly infatuated with for some time.

Drake Crawford is about to achieve his lifelong goal when a car accident plays havoc with his life. Not only is his plan for revenge delayed, but his once demure personal assistant is now shockingly, irresistibly forward. Drake is against office affairs, and Ellie is vital to his success, but he can’t get her out of his mind, and besides, he does owe her...

His solution—a two-week break with Ellie at his wilderness hideout. They’ll indulge in a scorching, private affair, and when it’s over they’ll return to their normal lives. But as Drake discovers more about Ellie, he realises her quiet exterior hides a backbone of steel. When she asks him to walk away from his ultimate goal, he knows it’s time to let her go.

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Giveaway on LibraryThing

I have a giveaway of Bittersweet Rescue posted on LibraryThing. (To get to the giveaway, from LibraryThing's Home page click the 'More' tab, and then 'Get Free Books', and click on the link to see current member giveaways. Then scroll down to find Bittersweet Rescue) If anyone would like a free copy for review, please enter your request before 16 March.


“The speed limit’s forty,” Ellie said, clutching her seat.

Reluctantly he eased off on the accelerator. A drizzle had set in, turning the wintery evening even gloomier. He flicked on the wipers as the black tarmac glistened like oil in his headlights. Usually the road snaking through the reserve would have a few joggers at this time of day, but the cold and the rain appeared to have kept them away. He tamped on the brakes as they approached a tight bend.

Ellie’s briefcase slipped off her seat. She bent to retrieve it, lifting one leg slightly. As her skirt pulled up, out of the corner of his eye he caught a glimpse of her inner thigh and couldn’t help staring. In the dimness her tender skin gleamed like the petal of an ice-berg rose.

She tugged at her skirt, and his gaze lifted to her face—cheeks pink, confusion in her eyes—goddamnit, she’d caught him checking her out. She ducked her chin down, her hair fanning over her face.


Three seconds can change a man’s life. A second to look up at the road ahead. A second to recognise the danger. A second to react.

Three seconds. That’s all it took to change his life.

In the glare of his headlights metal flashed. The eyes of a ghost stared back at him.

His hands moved of their own accord, jerking the steering wheel to the left. Tyres juddered and brakes screeched as they hurtled over rough ground. A low, stone wall loomed in the headlights. The car slammed the wall at an angle and flipped over it.

Airbags exploded. They plunged through space, upside down.

A sickening crunch as they smashed into the water. The roof of the car crumpled like foil. At the same time, his head seemed to explode with pain that ripped through him like a grenade.
Through the shudders of agony, he heard someone screaming. Ellie.

He’d never heard anyone scream like that, so filled with blind terror it made his blood run cold. He turned to her, but the axe cleaved through his skull once more, and it was almost a relief to find himself tumbling into black oblivion.

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