Darke London reviews

by - September 14, 2013

I'm happy about the reviews I've been getting for Darke London. Of course, it's impossible to please everyone, and negative reviews are part of every author's life, but so far the reviews for my latest book have been generally positive.

RT Book Reviews gave it 4 stars. "Internal and external struggles collide as the protagonists wrestle with personal demons and clash with common enemies."

Library Journal Reviews said "A dash of steampunk with a taste of lust makes this an intriguing tale, perfect for historical romance readers. The romance is sexy but not overbearing or crude; a perfect weekend read for the thrill-seeker."

Maldivian Book Reviewer wrote "...Darke London served to be a delectable read. Julian proved to a refreshingly delicious and appealing hero of the variety that had me sighing over his character every now and then. Nellie was just as an appealing heroine, someone who isn’t afraid to go after what she wants and never afraid to fight for the man she wants."

Belinda Williams said "It was an original read, infused with mystery, suspense, romance and passion – it was a ride I was loathe to get off once I reached the end."

Red Hot Books concluded "Overall, I liked it quite a bit and I read it beginning to end without putting it down.  If you like gothic London or a scarred hero/heroine, I’d say give it try."

Talk Supe described it as "...a relatively short historical romance novel with a well-drawn mystery that will keep readers engaged."

Here's hoping the positive reviews keep coming:)

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