Darke London and The Three Wishes Blog Blitz

by - September 02, 2013

Today I’m participating in the Three Wishes Blog Blitz, hosted by author Juliet Madison! From 2nd to 6th September you’ll have the chance to win some awesome prizes at all the blogs participating in the blitz, including mine. All you have to do is follow my instructions below for winning the prize I have on offer, and then you can click over to Juliet’s blog to enter her prize draw, and see the list of all other blogs taking part and enter their giveaways as well. How cool is that? Why is it called the Three Wishes Blog Blitz? Juliet’s new  romantic comedy release, I Dream of Johnny, is about three wishes, a high-tech genie in a lamp, and one very unfortunate typo that proves magic isn’t all it cracked up to be…

I’m writing this post in my kitchen. As I look around me at the wonky door that won’t close properly, the cobwebs in the ceiling corners, and the packet of Tim Tams on the kitchen counter, I can think of lots of things to wish for. I wish I had one of those gorgeous French Provencale kitchens with limed wood cabinets and copper pots and herb gardens. I wish I was a more diligent housekeeper, or, better yet, I could afford to hire a housekeeper. I wish I could resist those Tim Tams and have less pimples and more muscle tone. There, that’s three wishes already, and I haven’t even scratched the surface.

But if those three wishes were magically fulfilled, I can guarantee that I’d instantly think of three more. It’s the human condition to never be satisfied. And so, rather than waste three wishes on myself, I would rather use them on others. Not on family or friends or world leaders, but rather on the fictional characters that are created out of thin air and exist only in our imaginations but become real to so many readers and viewers. Which fictional characters would I chose and what would I wish for them?

• The Great Gatsby. Stay in the Midwest, Jay Gatsby, and marry a nice girl.
• Game of Thrones. More nous for Eddard Stark! He might have kept his head, then.
• Batman. I wish they’d stop making Batman movies. Let the Caped Crusader remain in print.

So if you had three wishes, what would you wish for?

Now for my giveaway! I’m giving away one digital copy of my new release, DARKE LONDON, which comes out 10 September. This giveaway is international. To go into the draw please leave a comment on this blog post about what you’d wish for either for yourself or a fictional character. Entries close on Friday 6 September.

DARKE LONDON is my new historical romance with supernatural and steampunk elements.

The only way to save her life is to resurrect the dead…

Julian Darke was only a newborn when he was abandoned on the doorstep of a gentleman doctor. Though raised with love, he is driven to discover his true origins.

Convinced Sir Thaddeus Ormond knows something, Julian shadows him one night—and is shocked to see a young woman thrown from Ormond’s carriage and accosted by a thug. Julian manages to save her life, but not her face and hands from horrific injuries.

Nellie Barchester doesn’t recognize the scarred, disfigured stranger in the mirror. Though the gifted doctor and engineer has done his best to repair the damage, scars ravage her body, and chill her soul with the realization that her own husband may have plotted her death.

Julian’s tenderness is a balm to her soul, and Nellie is drawn to the edge of passion by a man not repelled by her deformities. But as their pursuit of the truth draws them into London’s underbelly, they cross the path of a ruthless enemy who will stop at nothing to fulfill his schemes.

Warning: Can a brilliant but troubled doctor find happiness with a woman scarred both inside and out? A hint of the supernatural plus a night of passion spice up this Uncanny Chronicle.

Once you’ve entered my giveaway, visit Juliet’s blog and enter her giveaway too, and visit any or all of the other participating blogs to enter more prize draws. You could potentially win a whole heap of prizes! Good luck! Visit the official Blog Blitz post here

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  1. I wish for a never ending pile of books to read! :)

    1. Nice wish, Michelle, but you would also need time to read all those books!

    2. Half the fun is finding the time to read. I'd rather have too many books to read and not enough time, than too much time and not enough books!

  2. Thanks Coleen! This book looks and sounds amazing! Sadly I couldn't review an ACR for you a while back. My schedule was too hectic but I'm waiting for it to come out!

    What I'll wish for myself is to be able to travel into the Steam Punk era!

    1. Thanks Kipha. I would also love to visit the steam punk era. Maybe one day, huh?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I wish for more time in the day to get all the things done I need to get done, I wish for money so I don't have to work full time and can spend more time with my family, and I wish for world peace. Gotta get tired of all the fighting.


  4. hm, i wish rom/com movies could go back to being cute and funny without the gross-out humor. (damn you, judd apatow!) and i'm with you--enough of the batman movies. just rewatch the michael keaton one if you must...

  5. Love your wishes!! I'd love to visit the Steam Punk era too!!! So much to thing about reading all these fabulous posts!!

  6. Congratulations Coleen on your new release. Fabulous cover. I'd like to wish for more time but I think what I really would like to wish for is the nous to use what time I have in the most fulfilling way: family, friends &, yes your guessed it, writing.

  7. A wish for fictional characters? I know what it would be: That they could all come to a happy ending, even if it doesn't happen until after the sad or bittersweet ending we get to read. :)

  8. Thanks to everyone for stopping by. If only all these wishes could come true!