Teaser Tuesday - Real Men Don't Break Hearts

by - July 09, 2013

I did a little happy dance when I spotted this lovely review of REAL MEN DON'T BREAK HEARTS on Goodreads:

"I really enjoyed this book--it's a great summer read. Coleen Kwan is an excellent writer...I have the second book, Real Men Don't Quit (Real Men #2) by the author on my Kindle waiting to be read next, and I will definitely put her on my list of authors to keep an eye out for."

So this Teaser Tuesday has to come from Real Men Don't Break Hearts!

In this scene Nate has gone to a bar after a nasty incident. There, he spots Ally, and suddenly everything he always thought about her is turned on its head.

The music swapped over to a slow song, and the dancing changed. Great. Just what he needed, a crooning number and amorous couples feeling each other up. He downed another gulp of beer and almost choked as he spotted Ally dancing with some strange guy. They were on the edge of the crowd, and to Nate everything about them shouted “first date.” He could tell just by the way they were holding each other: Ally stiff, her fingers tentative on the man’s shoulders, while the guy had his arm loose around her waist, a good few inches of space separating their bodies. Through the haze he didn’t have a good view of Ally’s expression, but the guy seemed eager. Nate narrowed his gaze on Ally. He could see why.

Ally looked incredible. She’d done something to her hair so it was all shiny and loose as it tumbled around her shoulders. Her soft, pale blue dress clung to her curves and floated over her thighs at least two inches above her knees, and the stilettos on her feet did amazing things to her legs. Damn, she had great legs. Lithe, toned, touchable. Why had he never noticed them before? In fact, why had he never noticed how outright sexy she was? The question rocked through his brain, altering all his thought patterns.


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  1. I wanna read this now! It reminds me a little of a Catherine Anderson 1st chapter! :-)