by - May 18, 2013

Autumn leaves
Photo by Peter Hindmarsh

It's late autumn here in Sydney, and the chilly weather has finally arrived. I love this time of year when the humidity vanishes and the air cools. I'm a reluctant cook at the best of times, but in autumn I get to make lamb shank soup and Massaman curry. By the end of winter I'll be sick of them, but for now they're the perfect comfort food.

I've just handed in edits for my Entangled Indulgence book, Grace Under Pressure, which releases in October. After writing three Bliss books where the door was firmly shut on bedroom activities, I've had to fling open that door and go charging in, so to speak. It does take a certain amount of creativity and effort to write a sex scene that doesn't sound too mechanical!

My blog tour for Real Men Don't Quit is over and winners of my giveaway picked. I love the ease and convenience of giving away gift cards. So far from two blog tours 100% of my winners have chosen Amazon gift cards, but I'm guessing these can be exchanged for other things.

My favourite ebook retailer BooksOnBoard recently closed doors! Such a shame as their prices were always great. Looks like I'll have to go with Google Play. Kobo is a pain to use because they don't have a shopping cart (!) which means each book must be purchased separately. Also Kobo prices aren't very competitive.

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  1. I'm in awe of how many books you have out and in production. You're rocking! Congrats, Coleen, and happy autumn!

    1. Thanks, Jenny. As far as book production goes, it's all relative. I feel quite slack compared to other writers!