Steampunk Six Sentence Sunday

by - June 24, 2012

Another six sentences to share from my steampunk romance, Asher's Invention which goes on sale June 25! Here, Asher and Minerva are talking about the invention he’s worked on for many years, and which Minerva’s father stole from him.

Asher bit his tongue. Never would he admit to her how many hours he had slaved.

He shrugged. “I’ve dabbled in it on occasion, when I have some spare time, which is not often these days.”

“You’ve no wish to prove your theory correct?”

“The only theory I’ve proven is that men will do anything for money.”

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  1. What a great premise! Interesting 6 and a gorgeous cover. Happy release day this week.

  2. Nice six sentences! My first steampunk comes out June 29th with MuseItUp Publishing. I had fun dabbling in this genre, it is a easy step from my usual historical romances. It gives one freedom to stretch the norm a little the way you can't when writing historicals.
    Killarney Sheffield
    Inventing Love.

  3. Such an interesting dynamic between these two. Congrats on the new release!

  4. Wow, with that history between them, their romance will have its challenges. Intriguing set up, great six. I liked their "voices".

  5. @Killarney, @Eleri, @Veronica, #Rachel Thanks for stopping by and reading my six!