Steampunk Six Sentence Sunday

by - June 10, 2012

I'm taking part in Six Sentence Sunday.

Here are my six sentences from my soon-to-be released steampunk romance, Asher’s Invention. In this scene, the heroine, Minerva, has just met her ex-fiancé, Asher, for the first time after five years.

In the intervening years his chest had filled out, his shoulders broadened. Dressed in his velvet-trimmed coat, brocade vest and silk cravat, he cut a dashingly handsome figure, though he was no slave to fashion, as evidenced by his unfashionably long hair and lack of sideburns. But all lingering youthfulness had been stripped from him, and he seemed more cynical and aloof than his nine-and-twenty years warranted.

Had she done this? She and her father? Were they responsible for the tautness of his lips, the adamantine glint in his eyes?

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  1. Doesn't he cut a dashing figure? And what did she and her father do to the poor love? Hmm. Great 6!

  2. I want to know what they did to this guy too!

  3. Love your description of him! Fantastic six!

  4. @Kylie, @Jenna and @Mae, thanks for your lovely comments!