Wonderful expression

by - December 11, 2011

It's that time of the year when a school concert or two is unavoidable. Watching young children and teenagers perform always fills me with admiration as it's something I'd find excruciating! I've noticed that the performers who grab my attention aren't necessarily the ones with the most skill, but the ones who perform with the most enthusiasm. When someone is playing or dancing their heart out and with such obvious enjoyment, it's hard not to cheer them on. Reminds me of that quote from 'The Importance of Being Earnest':

"I don't play accurately - anyone can play accurately - but I play with wonderful expression."

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  1. LOL - I went to the early childhood class nativity play on Friday night and this quote seems very fitting!

  2. Oh, those toddlers are so adorable in plays! They don't have to do much to make the audience smile.