by - December 03, 2011

183_3910  Metrosideros excelsa  Pohutakawa  NZ Christmas Tree  Myrtaceae
Photo by Kate
This past week I've been buried deep BICHOK writing my sequel to Asher's Invention. Initially I thought I would take a bit of time nutting out the plot and doing research, but then with school holidays looming I decided to become a bit of a pantser and just go for it. Hopefully I'll have a rough draft done before Christmas hits.

Luckily most of the Christmas shopping has been done. Shopping on the internet makes things so much easier! As usual I think my kids are spoiled rotten with all the stuff they're getting. My 12yo son is getting a smartphone which is about a hundred times better than my cheapo mobile. The voice recognition software on this phone is quite amazing, which won't help him with his spelling much. My 15yo daughter wants a whole lot of books for Christmas. She loves her paper books and won't even consider an ereader (and as she's a notorious hoarder, the books just pile up in her room).

I'm making a list of books that I want for Christmas. The list gets longer every day...

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