Counting down

by - November 20, 2011

There are only four more weeks left of the school year before the kids break for Christmas and summer holidays, and I’m feeling just a teeny bit teary because these are the final few weeks of my son’s primary schooling. Next year he moves up to high school and a whole new life. My daughter is already in high school, but when she started we all felt excited about a new chapter starting. Now, with my son, it feels like a chapter is closing. Already he’s drawing away from me and his dad. At the moment he tolerates us walking him to school (where he quickly ditches us with a very nonchalant goodbye), but when he starts high school next year he won’t want us anywhere near him!

So I only have a few more weeks of walking him to school and waving him goodbye at the gates. I’ll miss that part. Wish I could say goodbye to making packed lunches, though! Seems like I’ll be cutting sandwiches for my kids until they leave home, and even though I give them pretty much the same boring fillings every day it doesn’t appear to motivate them to make their own lunches. Oh well, at least they still need me for something ☺

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