Diary of a Wimpy Author

by - July 12, 2011

See no evil...
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These days becoming a published author comes with a non-optional side order of marketing and publicity. I’ve dreamed of being a writer, but I’ve never dreamed of being a salesperson. Frankly, I suck at selling. But numerous articles told me I should be developing an online presence even before my book is published. I cringed at the idea, but when I sold to Carina Press, I finally bit the bullet.

Having read all the advice on offer, I decided I would start out slow with just a blog/website. I wanted something relatively quick and easy to set up and maintain, and I wanted something cheap. I eventually chose Blogger over Wordpress. Wordpress has a cleaner look and heaps of templates, and I like how you can make it look more of a website than a blog. But I chose Blogger because:

No ads. To eliminate ads from Wordpress you have to pay a yearly fee.

Cost. To register a domain name through Wordpress and link it to your blog costs $17 per year, and $8 more to make it private. I got a private domain name mapping through Blogger for $10.

Customise. Blogger lets you fiddle with the HTML, whereas this is a paid upgrade for Wordpress.

I know other people have had problems with Blogger, but so far I’m happy. I’d love it if Blogger would let you have a home page that isn’t the blog page, and I’m hoping that this will come some time in the future.

I’m trying not to get too hung up on my stats. (My numbers are pathetic, BTW) I’m not trying to develop a blog following. My blog/website is a place where readers can see what I’ve written (fervently hoping I have more than just one book in me) and contact me.

For me setting up this blog has been quite a challenge. I’m not yet ready to tackle Facebook and Twitter yet. For the moment I’m happy to be a wimpy author.

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  1. LOL!!! I don't know about scary but it sure is TIME-CONSUMING! I've just got into Twitter in the last few weeks but I'm quite enjoying it. Also I think Carina Press pretty much expects you to have a twitter account!!!

  2. Hi Rach. Yes, I've heard I should get a twitter account and I've taken the Twitter 101 course. Guess I shall have to put a toe in the water soon!

  3. LOL - I haven't taken any course! And I'm probably making a LOT of gaffes!

  4. I link my blog to twitter and face book. I rarely go into twitter, but I hang out in face book occasionally.
    My blog is where most people can find me if they like, see what I'm up to, and where I'm at. It suits me. :)

  5. Colleen, might be a good idea to add more widgets for people to subscribe to your blog - like RSS feed for example. That way I could add you to my Google Reader. Not sure about the atom one you have at the bottom of your blog - and all the way down there it's hard to find!

  6. Sorry, just tried and your subscribe button does let me add to Google Reader. Have now done so!


  7. Hey Coleen! Still exploring the features of Wordpress but the interesting thing I found was the ads - or lack of them. Haven't encountered any at all on any of the free .com sites I've set up... I believe if you're a registered user then you don't get them?

  8. Paula, you're right that you won't see the ads if you're a registered user, but I have seen them on some authors' blogs. Not a lot of ads, but a few. I do prefer the look of Wordpress to Blogger, and if I were to set up a hosted website I think I would use Wordpress.org.