Release day - Secret Affair with the Millionaire

by - August 11, 2017

Woo-hoo! It's release day for SECRET AFFAIR WITH THE MILLIONAIRE.

In this contest there can only be one winner...

Holly Rochester is turning over a new leaf. To show she can pull her weight in the family business, she’s determined to win the bid for the Halifax Hotel. If only she could forget the hot and mysterious stranger and the sizzling one-night stand they shared a couple of weeks ago...

Dane Schofield is back in town to make peace with his dying father. For that he needs to secure the Halifax Hotel that his father wants so much. Too bad the other bidders include the woman he spent one blistering hot night with. Even worse, she’s part of the Rochester family, bitter rivals of the Schofields.

As the sexual tension between Holly and Dane reaches flashpoint, Holly must make a decision. Is Dane a man she can trust, or would he do anything to keep a promise, including sabotage?

Only 99 cents 
(At most retailers. Pricing not guaranteed.)
Includes bonus novella WHEN THE CEO CALLS, the prequel to UNDERCOVER IN THE CEO'S BED, book 1 in the Rochesters series.

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