October update

by - October 03, 2015

We're not even midway through spring and already we're facing a 4 day heatwave here in Sydney. I'm hauling out my shorts and T-shirts, and thinking of getting a hair cut so I can cope with the hot weather. I don't know how I'd survive summer without our air conditioners! When I checked our last electricity bill, I was surprised to see that we use less power during summer than winter, so I won't feel so guilty this year when I reach for the switch.

My son somehow managed to break a bone in his hand (sixteen-year-old teenager, that's how) which meant a 5 hour trip to the emergency department plus several more follow up visits. I was expecting he'd get a plaster cast, but these days thermoplastic splints are all the go. He can take it off to clean his hand and to do his physiotherapy exercises. Of course breaking his hand gave him the perfect excuse for postponing his school assignments and not doing his share of housework!

Our neighbours are selling their house, and their backyard looks so Home Beautiful I feel I'm letting them down with our straggly collection of tired plants. The rosemary plant that looked like it had died, decided to throw out a few green shoots, so it's saved from the garbage bin for now. I'm hoping to get down to the garden centre and pick up a few new plants. Come spring, I always get a rush of optimism that this year I'll finally turn into a good gardener, but my brown thumb always seems to get the upper hand.

I've started work on a third Rochester book for the Entangled Indulgence line. Book 1 was published last year (Undercover in the CEO's Bed), and Book 2 is currently going through editing (Best Friends with the Billionaire). Book 3 features a type of hero I haven't written before, so I'm hoping I can do him justice.

I'm also working on edits for two other books. One is due for release in January called Love, Dogs, and Other Catastrophes, and hopefully I'll be able to show off its cover soon. The other book, which hasn't yet got a title, is due for release in March 2016. So there's plenty of work keeping me busy!

Hope you're enjoying spring or autumn wherever you are.

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