Short Shorts: Dirty Jeans

by - March 20, 2014

Another short short. This one's 112 words.

Dirty Jeans

Mum used to say ‘Train your man before you marry him’. I always felt sorry for Dad, but as I face last night’s dirty dishes, I’m beginning to think she has a point. Jake promised he’d get to them, but he’s bone idle. He’s never even mentioned marriage once. I fume as I do his chores. I don’t have to put up with him. I could do better.

“Hey, babe.” Jake strolls in, towel around his waist. “Seen my jeans?”

I grab his jeans from the floor, ready to hurl them, but feel something hard and square in the pocket. A box. A diamond ring. Jake smiles nervously. I burst into tears.

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