Book Hooks: Baiting the Boss

by - February 12, 2014

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Book Hooks is a weekly meme hosted by the MFRW Authors blog. It's a chance to hook readers with a few choice sentences from a WIP or published book.
This week, my Book Hooks excerpt comes from BAITING THE BOSS, my latest release from Entangled Indulgence.

“On the other hand…” His eyes sparkled even brighter. “The eels in this pool have been known to nibble.”
“Eels!” She grabbed onto him with both hands, casting a jittery look at the still waters around them.
A low chuckle rumbled in his chest. “Just kidding. They don’t bite.”
“But there are eels?”
“Small ones only, and they’re shy.”
She couldn’t suppress a shudder. “I don’t know whether to believe you or not.”
“Would I lie to you?”
“Probably. You’re a man, aren’t you?”


For years Grace Owens harbored a secret crush on her boss, Jack Macintyre, the heir to the Macintyre Corporation. But Jack relocates to a remote tropical island after tragedy upends his life, cutting off all contact. Now Grace’s new boss issues an ultimatum: return Jack to the family fold or pack her briefcase and move on.
When she turns up at Jack's bungalow, he can’t deny his attraction to the fiery woman determined to lure him out of his tropical paradise. Little does she know that returning is the last thing he wants—he’s nobody’s boss, and he likes it that way.
If he stays, she'll lose her job. If he goes, she'll lose her heart.

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