Thursday, 28 April 2016

Release day: Best Friends with the Billionaire

Somehow I have two releases in two months! Last month was Unexpectedly Yours, and this month it's the turn of BEST FRIENDS WITH THE BILLIONAIRE. This was one of my favourite stories to write, and I hope readers enjoy it too.

When an innocent deal between friends turns sinful… 

Cassie Cooper has never been the kind of girl noticed for her looks. But around billionaire Kirk Rochester, her best friend from college, Cassie wishes she could turn just one head—his. So when Kirk asks her to be his pretend girlfriend to thwart another woman's unwanted advances, Cassie embraces the opportunity to prove to him that she does have a feminine side.

Disillusioned by a rough marriage that had an even rougher end, Kirk values friendship more than romance. He’s always had a good thing going with Cassie. But he can’t ignore how sexy she is now playing the role of his girlfriend, and soon he’s fighting a dangerous attraction to her. Even though their time between the sheets is scorching hot, he refuses to take it beyond “friends with benefits.” He’s learned the hard way that loving someone is the first step to destroying his heart, and he won’t risk losing the best person in his life by falling in love with her.

Read first chapter at Entangled Publishing. Buy a copy at

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Release day: Unexpectedly Yours

I almost forgot it's release day for Unexpectedly Yours! I spent the morning battling peak hour traffic to get the kids to their orthodontist appointments, plus it was raining here in Sydney for the first time in weeks. But now I can relax and celebrate my new release (perhaps with a chocolate hot cross bun!)

He wasn’t what she was expecting...

Derek Carmichael has harbored a secret crush on his best friend’s older sister for years, but she’s always been out of his reach. Now that Hannah is back in their hometown and newly single, suddenly the five-year age gap doesn’t seem so huge. But convincing her to see him as more than just the kid she used to know is another story.

Hannah Willmett can’t believe how grown-up Derek Carmichael has become. The troubled kid from her youth has turned into a sexy, successful TV celebrity, but Hannah’s wary of his player past and the rampant rumors connecting him to beautiful socialites. Still, she can’t help but give in when their attraction reaches a boiling point.

Trying to keep their fling a secret from her overprotective brother is one thing, but when Hannah finds herself unexpectedly expecting, her life is thrown upside down. She and Derek may be becoming parents together, but that’s no basis for a happily-ever-after.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Teaser Tuesday: Unexpectedly Yours

Here's a sweet and sexy excerpt from my upcoming release, Unexpectedly Yours:

“Hey, pecan pie.” Derek beamed as he lifted the pie dish from the cooler. “You made it for me?”

“Just my way of saying thanks.”

“There are other ways of saying thanks.” His gaze drifted to her lips, leaving her in no doubt what he had in mind. “Ways just as sweet and tasty as pecan pie.”

Her trigger-happy desire surged again as she imagined his lips on hers. “God, Derek, I thought we were keeping things platonic.”

“I thought so too, but you brought pecan pie.”

“Pecan pie? That’s a turn on?”

“Well, yeah. That, and those shorts you’re wearing.” His gaze lowered to the denim cutoffs hugging her hips. “I think you put on those itty-bitty shorts on purpose just to torture me, didn’t you?”

She gulped. “It’s a hot day, and they were the only shorts I had.” Liar. She had other, more modest shorts, but for some reason she’d chosen these tight-fitting cutoffs with the frayed hem. Again, she blamed her subconscious.

He snickered at her, and she knew she wasn’t fooling anyone. “You’re right. It is a hot day. In fact, it’s so hot I think I need to do this.” He stretched his arm behind his neck, gripped his T-shirt, and pulled it off in one swoop. Tossing aside the T-shirt, he stretched out in the sun. “Ah, yeah. That feels so much better.”

Her mouth fell open, and she might have made a choking sound. Her eyeballs felt like they were on stalks as she gawked at Derek’s naked torso. What a magnificent sight. Sunlight bounced off his smooth pecs and bulging biceps. He didn’t have an ounce of fat on him. Hard, broad shoulders narrowed to lean hips showcased by his low-slung jeans.

He rubbed his chest, drawing her attention to the trail of fine, dark hair that tracked down the center of his body. “What’s the matter, babe?”

Babe. Heat seeped through her pores. Just one “babe” from him, and she was already melting.

“Uh, n-nothing,” she managed to stutter. For the life of her, she still couldn’t tear her eyes away from him.

“See something you like?”

She was almost panting now. Dammit, he was so devilishly tempting, but she was not going to cave in.

“Yes, I do.” She leaned toward him, slow and deliberate, until his eyes widened and he licked his lips in anticipation. Then she stretched her arm across him, brushing against his naked chest, and grabbed a bottle of iced tea. “This is what I’d like.”

She twisted the cap off and tipped a deep gulp of liquid down her throat. When she lowered the bottle, Derek was grinning at her.

“Nice move. You play hard.”

Her blood fizzed like she’d drunk champagne. It was such fun teasing and flirting with Derek. It made her realize she wasn’t old after all and that Derek brought something out of her that no one else did.

“You didn’t think I’d swoon at your feet just because you bared your chest, did you?”

“A guy can hope.”

On sale 14 March 2016

Monday, 8 February 2016

Samhain sale: 40% off Courting the Cop

All Samhain ebooks are 40% off at the Samhain store from Feb 7 to 15.
That includes my book, COURTING THE COP!

Love can hook you before you know it…

Abigail has bigger problems than adjusting to her role as owner of a yarn store she inherited from her aunt. Petty crime is hurting her business, plus that of all the other shops in the area.

When she spots a man stealing an orange from a neighboring store, she doesn’t hesitate to give chase—only to discover the man she’s just tackled to the ground is a cop.

Detective Brody Donovan is about to slap some cuffs on the woman decked out in a yarn costume, when his better sense prevails. Her apartment is the perfect place to set up a stakeout to catch the criminal who wounded his partner. Specifically, her bedroom.

The heat between them unexpectedly fries his concentration, though he can’t figure out why. She’s into ’50s nostalgia. He’s all about his job. She yearns for a man who will court her. He goes through women like tissues.

But when the criminal finally surfaces, Brody realizes too late that he’s dangerously close to losing the one woman he never thought he wanted.

Warning: Contains a commitment-phobic cop, stolen oranges and flirty aprons, and some heartfelt Shim Sham shimmying.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Entangled Publishing turns 5. All Lovestruck books just 99 cents

Entangled Publishing is 5 years old, and to celebrate all Lovestruck ebooks are just 99 cents from Feb 1 to 21. This includes my title, HIS MILLIONAIRE MAID. So grab a bargain or two while they last. (Note: sale pricing can't be guaranteed, so please check with your ebook retailer before purchasing.)

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

January roundup

Can't believe that summer is more than halfway over. We spent a week with family at a beach house with incredible views over the ocean. Lots of yummy food, swimming in the sea, and beautiful sunsets made for a relaxing break. I read some great books, including Uprooted by Naomi Novik and The Shameless Hour by Sarina Bowen, one of my favourite authors.

Now I'm back at home and gearing up for two big releases. First is Unexpectedly Yours, released under the Entangled Bliss line, and next is Best Friends with the Billionaire, an Entangled Indulgence release. My publisher's publicity department is fantastic, which is great for me because I'm not very good at blowing my own horn. I'm also working on a couple of proposals with the help of my editors.

DS goes back to school on Thursday, while DD starts her game art and animation course next week. I can't help feeling anxious for them, which they both hate, of course, but that's the price of parenthood.

Looking forward to sharing the covers of my upcoming releases :)

Thursday, 31 December 2015

December roundup

Well, it's the last day of the month and the last day of the year!

Christmas is done and dusted for another twelve months. I went to various family events three days in a row, so it was a bit of a social marathon for me. The weather was perfect, and the food was delicious. I have to say that I love a good pavlova or trifle at Christmas time!

DD has her learner's licence now, so it's white knuckle time for me. Within the first half hour of her driving, she managed to bump the car into a wall, so now I'm leaving it to DP to teach her. I find it's actually quite hard explaining how to drive since it's something that most drivers just do automatically. Thinking about it actually makes it more difficult to do. Here in NSW learner drivers have to log 120 hours of driving before they can apply for their provisional licence, so there's still a long way for her to go.

On the writing front I'm busy editing my secret project and making mock ups of the cover. I love using canva for this, as it offers lots of great fonts. I only wish it was easier to align text. Also sent a proposal to my editor, which she liked, thank heaven. Hopefully I'll learn more about that in the new year.

This is also the time of year when new year's resolutions are made. I've drawn up a rather ambitious writing plan for 2016. I figured I should set my targets on the high side in the hope that this will make me stretch myself. I know there are many things I could do better; maybe 2016 will be the year to achieve them.

Hope you're enjoying the holidays, and perhaps you'll even have time to read a book or two :)