Saturday, 20 December 2014

Season's greetings

Wishing you all a happy and safe holiday! Remember to read lots of books.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Looking for a quick holiday read?

My sweet contemporary romance, WHITE-HOT HOLIDAY, is just 99 cents.

Nice is about to meet Naughty…

When Aussie Naomi Spencer hears her uncle's American friend is coming Down Under for a short visit, she can't wait to be rid of him. Aaron's “Bah Humbug” attitude drives her crazy...and so does his incredibly sexy smile, and the way he pitches in to help her get ready for all her relatives. Okay, so maybe he's not a total Grinch. But when Naomi’s uncle warns her to stay away from his playboy friend, Naomi’s simple holiday gets even more complicated.

When a volcano grounds all flights back to the States, Aaron Cade finds himself stranded in Oz. For Aaron, family holidays are to be endured, not celebrated. Only Naomi brings magic to the simplest things: shopping for gifts, finding the perfect decorations, and making him feel at home in the bizarrely tropical December heat. His sudden, overwhelming attraction to Naomi will turn his idea of home upside-down…but can he change everything for one white-hot love?

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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Real Men Don't Break Hearts - Black Friday Special

The first book in my Real Men series, REAL MEN DON'T BREAK HEARTS, is only 99 cents for a short time only (for US residents only, I'm afraid). I have a soft spot for this book. Ally and Nate are one of my favourite couples!

What reviewers have said:

"REAL MEN DON'T BREAK HEARTS was a delightful read. Funny and at times emotional as well." MsRomanticReads

"REAL MEN DON'T BREAK HEARTS is a wonderful contemporary romance." The Book Girl

"Real Men Don't Break Hearts by Coleen Kwan is a fast read and a cute read. Fans of romance of any type will just eat this one up!" The Book Cellar

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My book is just one of Entangled Publishing's Black Friday specials. Load up your ereader with lots of great books at bargain prices. Click on the image below to see the full list of books on sale.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

My books on Scribd

My Carina titles as well as my self-published titles are now available on Scribd. If you're a Scribd subscriber, here are my available titles:

Carina Press:


Saturday, 20 September 2014

When the CEO Calls

WHEN THE CEO CALLS is my latest release! It's a contemporary romance novella and a prequel to Undercover in the CEO's Bed (which was released in May 2014).

A late night call out, a handsome, sexy CEO, and a brother who needs protection…Jacinta Greene knows she’s courting trouble when she assists Lex Rochester while disguising her true identity. When he pursues her, she knows she should turn him down and walk away, but this man is too irresistible for her own good. 

Just 99 cents!

Saturday, 13 September 2014

September reading roundup

Recently I’ve hit a purple patch in my choice of reading. Lots of wonderful books have fallen my way or caught my fancy on my e-reader. I love it when that happens, or maybe I was just in the mood for a lot of reading. Either way, here are some of the books I’ve enjoyed over the past month or so:

One Hundred Proposals by Holly Martin

Initially I’d heard good things about Martin’s first book The Guestbook, but after reading the preview, I didn’t think that was for me (the entire story is told through the entries of a guestbook at a holiday cottage), so I picked up her latest book, One Hundred Proposals.

This was such a fun, sweet, funny British romance.  Best friends Suzie and Harry run a business creating unique, romantic proposals. They’re secretly in love with each other but of course can’t seem to get those important words out. I was surprised to find myself tearing up at a certain moment in the book, which had nothing to do with the romance.

The Hidden Blade by Sherry Thomas

In imperial China Ying-ying is the illegitimate half-English daughter of a concubine. She lives a sheltered life until her mother dies and she’s forced to live with her mother’s former protector. Her amah, who turns out to be a martial arts warrior and member of a secret society, decides to make Ying-ying her disciple.  Meanwhile, across the world in England, Leighton leads an idyllic life until his family is torn apart and he becomes a virtual prisoner to an evil relative.

The book follows Ying-ying and Leighton as they struggle for survival in an unfriendly world. I have to admit I found Leighton’s story more compelling, perhaps because he is the more proactive character and I could pretty much guess what was going to happen to Ying-ying.

This book is a prequel to Thomas’s My Beautiful Enemy, but it’s still a full-length book. I spent the entire first half waiting for Ying-ying and Leighton to meet, but by three-quarters I knew that wasn’t going to happen. There’s plenty of action and tears in the final quarter, and also a preview of the first chapter of the next book, but for me I wanted to know what happened in the intervening four years (because that’s really where Ying-ying’ story becomes interesting after she's forced to leave Peking). Still, a great historical adventure story and a great setup to the next book.

For One Night Only by Phillipa Fioretti

I’m a big fan of Mary Stewart’s romantic suspense stories, and this book strongly reminded me of Stewart’s writing. In For One Night Only, Ornella, an Australian actress of Sicilian background, is holidaying in Sicily when she meets Hugh, a British archaeologist working on the excavation of an ancient mosaic. There’s instant attraction between these two, but just as the romance is heating up, Hugh vanishes, and Ornella’s idyllic holiday quickly turns into a nightmare.

I really enjoyed this book. Fast-paced action, beautiful scenery, great hero, and a spunky heroine who never gives up.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Book review: The Chocolate Rose by Laura Florand

I picked this up when it was free on Amazon. I’d previously read Laura Florand’s Snow-Kissed, which I hadn’t found as marvellous as some others had, so I doubt I would have read The Chocolate Rose if it hadn’t been free. And I’m glad I did, because The Chocolate Rose was a delight to read.

Jolie Manon is a food writer and the daughter of famous chef Pierre Manon, with whom she has co-written a cook book. Her father is still recovering from a stroke, which has plunged him into depression and apathy, when Jolie receives notice that her father’s former chef patissier, Gabriel Delange, is suing them for appropriating twelve of his recipes in the cookbook, including the famous chocolate rose depicted on the cover. Jolie had a teenage crush on Gabriel when he worked for her father but hasn’t seen him in years. Anxious to spare her father from further stress, she hastens from Paris to the Cote d’Azur, where Delange now runs his own world-famous restaurant.

Needless to say, sparks fly when these two characters meet. Gabriel and Jolie argue, flirt, lose their temper, sulk, laugh, make love, fight and make up. The setting of the three-star restaurant and its high pressure kitchen set in an ancient, charming French provincial town is wonderfully depicted in lush detail. Jolie’s torn loyalties between her father and Gabriel are touching and real. I got a real insight into the pressures of running a world-class restaurant, and how it completely dominates a chef’s life. Thank God I’ve never had any inclination in that direction.

The only quibbles I had were the ending, which was a touch saccharine, and the fact that Jolie never truly confronts her father over his plagiarism. I would have liked to have heard his reasons or justifications why he ‘stole’ Gabriel’s recipes, but the story never really goes there satisfactorily. But these were minor niggles and didn’t stop me from enjoying this sweet and satisfying romance.